22 comments on “Michael Schumacher – Everything has a beginning”

  1. Petr Jansa says:


  2. Jordan Ganatra says:

    tear to the eyes

  3. ak77dragon1 says:

    Brill video

  4. bathtownship says:

    Great video, thanks for posting it, Praying for you Michael. 

  5. kuturgan says:

    Strange to see him when he was baby because I always thought that he is not
    a human.

  6. Christos Kinatidis says:

    Thank you for the video mate! Michael Schumacher, the Emperor of F1!!!

  7. Chau Bryan says:

    Thanks for your sharing ^@^.

  8. LarifaMSC says:

    “Thankyou, Stars” – Katie Melua

  9. Glen Grixti says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song please? 🙂 Gr8 driver (the best ever)
    and an awesome person!

  10. GoranMuzevic24 says:

    I looked for it but I could not find it :/ so thank you for your prompt
    response and pic ;)) …you have great clips of Michael Schumacher and just
    continue good work … Greetings from the another big fan of him from

  11. Glen Grixti says:

    The last photo of the video with michael holding his helmet is awesome..
    where can i find it please?

  12. Glen Grixti says:

    Thanks a lot mate 😀

  13. GoranMuzevic24 says:

    where can I find a picture at 3:24?

  14. LarifaMSC says:

    You have a PM 🙂

  15. Lance Coleman says:

    Beautiful video!

  16. Ale Psycho Gamer says:

    Grande Michael!

  17. Andre St. says:

    fat ralfy 😀 lol lol lol

  18. Marie - Josee Troes - Hilbert says:

    Ein Champion wächst heran 

  19. Юрий Грабаров says:

    Он еще не умер – Видос через чур мрачновато-намекающий

  20. AIMK1727 says:


  21. Jacques Gardes says:

    michel et ralf

  22. Denis Tkachev says:

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