25 comments on “Michael Schumacher F1 crash 1994”

  1. Vanderz44 says:

    The curse of Friday the 13th 🙂

  2. Daniel Korgel says:

    @1:00 BAANG!

  3. Formel1kind says:

    Fuuuu!!!! Nicht gut!!!

  4. Sortsylic says:

    Me too. Too tired of albert park

  5. Sir SMKSAlOT says:

    /watch?v=w4oxKBXnPN8 rate it! gta 4 =D

  6. stefann1989v2 says:

    He was practicing for the race. If you know what I mean.

  7. ynnckynnck says:

    maldonado’s fault

  8. SennaRossiFan46 says:

    Ich will Adelaide zurück !

  9. SuperWhiteBarry says:

    so is your mom, point being?

  10. wrh1984 says:

    “Gonna need some rescue remedy” George Harrison I miss Eurosport and

  11. Agustin del Rio says:

    7 times world champion, problem?

  12. tokenDarkMagicianGuy says:

    after, this was also nigels last pole and win

  13. cannyfocus says:

    That is a very quick chicane, it doesn’t look like a fast speed section,
    but indeed it is a fast one (especially when qualifying). I ‘know’ this
    kind of part of the track from the NKPro ‘Adelaide1989’ conversation a
    little bit: When you’re just slighty too quick or ‘jump'(drive) over the
    left curb just a very little bit, you can easily lose your (oversteering
    set up) cars rear out of the there needed exact control and end up in the
    wall immediately, because of no margin/space left to compensate.

  14. sCoryvo says:

    man if i look at the head movement in those crashes in the 90’s… man that
    must be hell…

  15. senna60 says:

    Yes, after what happened at Imola there was a sense of constant psychosis,
    the fear of bad accidents was extremely high. Many fast corners were
    modifiedwith bumps and artificial variants.

  16. Sebby Haughton says:

    John Watson was such a brilliant commentator.

  17. Dan Dan says:

    was never the best driver..but actually the biggest cheat bastard F1 ever
    seen.. mr schumi the numbers collector!

  18. Flippy Musa says:

    Aryton Senna Change Michael Schumacher

  19. Stimor says:

    he was just practising for the race

  20. Kristijan Mitrovic says:

    shut up what do you all have against Hamilton Fuck you suck cocks shut up

  21. floorbrother says:

    lol about the tyre barrier

  22. suspendedBrettKeane says:

    sometimes it’s maldonaldo’s fault, tough ..

  23. Daniel Gandolfi says:

    He tried to go to turn the car into a two wheel bike, he needed a break
    from four wheels once in a while.

  24. MegaAble1234 says:

    Maldonados fault

  25. PGC says:

    Spoken like a true Coulthard fan 😛

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