25 comments on “Michael Schumacher Oboard Benetton B192”

  1. zhammmy says:

    You know, in retrospect, the scoring system should be something like: using
    every one driver’s aid will deduct 1 point. So, if your car has paddle
    shift system, active suspension, traction control, ABS, that’s an automatic
    -4 points at the end of each race.

  2. tracto91 says:

    thx for the video ! rare !

  3. Slendermanakabier says:


  4. Der Beste says:

    eine schöne sammlung von alten schumi videos,die ich so noch nie gesehen
    habe,da ich erst gegen ende 1993 auf die f1 aufmerksam wurde.meiner meinung
    nach hatte schumi seine beste zeit in den 90ern. was danach kam,das lag
    einfach an dem guten auto/team,was er sich natürlich auch verdient und
    erarbeitet hat.allerdings hab ich den biss seiner anfangszeit nach 2000
    schon vermisst.

  5. kallo182 says:

    Okay your Link ist from Kyalami (South Africa). And McLaren drive the frist
    2 Races with the 91 Car….. So from the 3th Race they got Semi Automatic
    Shift Paddles. : ))))))) Im pretty sure you dont watch not only one Race
    from this time live, and got your F1 Knowledge from Senna YouTube Clips,
    thats the reason why you think they had Manuall Shift : )

  6. denreal2 says:

    Last video – thats not Schumi. Thats was Patrese-Berger accident

  7. Tommovdv says:

    Senna is a cheating non charismatic Brazilian. Takes one to know one huh?
    The problem with senna fans is that they hail everything he did right, and
    forget what he did wrong, and then only hate schumacher on the things he
    did wrong, and forget what he did right.

  8. hristoitchov says:

    Mclaren started with the 91 car in 92 as well, with manual gearbox for the
    first couple of races. The engine was powerful, but that means nothing
    because it was very undrivable, with narrow torque peak range and lacking
    torque at low revs, plus it was very heavy and the car balance suffered
    because of it. It and other components were also unreliable. The
    aerodynamics of the car were below par. Benetton was very nimble and well
    balanced car which made a big difference.

  9. Timbalo0 says:

    Bist du ein Troll oder wirklich so verwirrt?

  10. cjsnowdon says:

    This is very impressive driving!!!

  11. exeller8007 says:

    love it love it love it! reminds me when i first started following f1 in
    1989, when racing drivers were allowed to race! and bruised rib would be
    ignored like a fly on the windscreen of ur car, these guys were real
    drivers and the talent was raw and from the heart, im all for safety in f1
    but some things are just missing now and too many teams and drivers rely on
    the fia to further their position and chance by ofer reacting massivly on
    minor incidents that some drivers get away with a lot!..

  12. elmerhomerochingon says:

    Schumacher had bad luck and broke his leg in Silverstone, why Irvine
    couldn’t get advantage of that situation even with Salo’s and Schumi gifted
    races (Ger.-Malaisya)??, ’00-’04 was the prize to alot of work, Schumacher
    accepted the challenge to make Ferrari a top team so all the pieces
    completed the puzzle that it takes to have a supreme team, no body gave
    Ferrari and Schumacher nothing for free, that’s why Bernie and Max looked
    the way to stop them, ’05 season is the result of that…

  13. nvstewart says:

    Portugese GP at Estoril.

  14. letzebuerger1 says:


  15. X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X says:

    Weder noch…

  16. neckojezioro123 says:

    6:47 oy oy dirty play by Schumacher…..not nice at all. i understand Senna
    that he was upset with Schumacher after that incident

  17. nihilius32 says:

    the engine sounds are godlike

  18. LARS LH says:

    Herlich wie er seinen Weg von Hinten nach Vorne macht … Habe mir beim
    Start schon gedacht wo er Hinten Startet,das er da bestimmt gedacht hat :
    Wartet nur Leute .. ich werde euch alle hinter mit lassen, , und wenn ich
    ganz Hinten stehe 😉 😉

  19. Tommovdv says:

    Bitch please, you’re just some blind fool who still thinks senna is the
    reincarnated jesus. It’s obvious how many times senna cheated, but like all
    the other morons you just let that slide because its senna, but when
    schumacher does something you are the first to jump up and scream. Try
    putting on some glasses and use your brain for once, if you have one.

  20. F1Flo says:

    Senna got pole in the first races in 94 with that bad car and the funny
    thing is schumachers benetton had driving aids lol…

  21. X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X8X says:

    Nice to see somebody else shares my opinion. Well, Hakkinen and Fernando
    Alonso bet him in equal cars actually.

  22. AnDyMaksoud says:

    yeah i know its so shit

  23. elmerhomerochingon says:

    Alonso BEAT him in equal cars? wrong again, in 2005 when Alonso got his 1st
    championship, neither Ferrari or Schumacher were contenders (bad car, even
    worse Bridgestone tyres) 2006, when Renault was ordered to quit illegal
    mass dumper, THAT’S when Schumacher kicked Alonso’s ass, unfortunately it
    was too late cause Renault and Alonso STOLE many points, but THAT’S when
    Ferrari and Renault were equal cars (even though Michelin tyres were still
    better than Bridgestone)so, what are you talking about?

  24. 666String says:

    Not on any of the Benetton’s Schumacher is driving here though : )

  25. Tuscopa says:

    @kallo182 No, basically the reason was, among other things, the fact that
    Senna could´´nt care less about Schumachers position back then and the
    reliabillity issues Mclaren had. Senna made a mistake in Adelaide, racing
    with Mansell for first place (what he cared about). even with all the
    reliabillity issues mencioned, Senna was ahead of Shuey back on that last
    race, racing in second. IF he wanted to stay in front of the german all he
    had to do was finish second

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