25 comments on “Schumacher and Rosberg Build an AMG Engine”

  1. thechamp9254 says:

    Ein sehr interessanter Einblick in das ganze,wirklich´╗┐ jedesmal toll zu sehen was die Jungs im Werk so leisten ­čÖé

  2. Jozef Magura says:

    owner will be´╗┐ happy…. Schumi is Schumi

  3. jockejocke1 says:

    Nico, shave.´╗┐

  4. waferthin99 says:

    And this is why after I finish my time with the´╗┐ British army.. Im moving to Germany haha :l

  5. Jan Bremec says:

    That’s´╗┐ why german engineering is the best in the world!

  6. 84Ateo says:

    poor Schumacher! At the´╗┐ end of season he could assembly mini car models : ) !

  7. SuperKingRiz says:

    no´╗┐ lol i meant the engines on SLS, C55, CLK all made in Germany, but the engines made for Schumacher and´╗┐ Rosberg, Hamilton, Button and Force India made in U.K.

  8. Smart1529 says:

    are you talking about everyone´╗┐ including Schumacher and Rosberg

  9. SuperKingRiz says:

    not really Mercedes F1 engine builds in UK, they are building´╗┐ this for the road car

  10. MrSimplyFallen says:

    “How controlled everything is,´╗┐ how professional” in a German factory? I never would have a guessed!

  11. Smart1529 says:

    Schumacher and Rosberg dont build AMG´╗┐ engines they use them

  12. Smart1529 says:

    stig is not´╗┐ schumacher

  13. SkinnedLynryd says:

    …some say he’s even built an engine with AMG…´╗┐ all we know is, he’s called the stig.

  14. DonKristoffo says:

    1:12 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph´╗┐ ?

  15. NFreund says:

    Ich h├Ątte den Motor gern im Auto ­čśÇ Allein schon weil Schumacher gelernter KFZ-Mechaniker is…:P

    I would love to have that engine in my car…just´╗┐ on the basis because Schumacher is a real mechanic…^^

  16. NFreund says:

    F1 Engine´╗┐ is a 2.4l V8…

  17. Uwe Kundler says:

    AMG ist´╗┐ perfekt!!!

  18. loquitoadamsferrari says:

    do not buy that road car people !!!´╗┐ it could make boom ­čś«

  19. husambusam says:

    That’s why Michael has had more´╗┐ dnf lol

  20. Wei Tzen Teoh says:

    While that might feel exclusive, I’d rather have the engine assembled by a´╗┐ real AMG mechanic. It seems more “proper” that way.

  21. 99kozi99 says:

    Schumi seems to have more routine.

  22. Idontgiveashytt says:

    I want to make sure my engine is NOT built from these´╗┐ racing champions. they are racers not engine specialist.

  23. Mike Buh says:

    F1´╗┐ engine is not V8 as we can see ­čśë

  24. ceajay11 says:

    did it´╗┐ start

  25. TheMostafa1011 says:

    They probably got 4 of SL cars at home give me the SLS I need it more. ;(´╗┐ ­čśŤ

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