25 comments on “F1 Monaco GP 2004, Michael Schumacher onboard lap”

  1. tubekunitg says:

    What a driver!

  2. Sebastian Müller says:


  3. mayne242 says:

    Back when F1’s were designed to be fast.

  4. RB9ofSebastianVettel says:

    I’m faster in the game :D

  5. MinosDaedalus says:

    Why is the Mirabeu and Potier part missing? :(

  6. soberek says:

    This the absolute record lap time of 1:14.439. No one made a faster lap
    before or since.

  7. Richard Hurr says:

    This is nuts. The speed and precision. Makes me sad watching this and
    knowing how Michael is now. 🙁 

  8. rwriters says:

    Is this the 1:14.439 lap record??

  9. Jordan Miller says:

    Hang in there Michael!

  10. jimb jones says:

    This makes NASCAR look like a lap around the early learning centre.

  11. computersnask says:

    Yea, but one of the best era’s of Formula 1 was in the 80’ies with 1.5l 4
    cylinder engines, so the 2014 regulations are probably an improvement.

  12. overthef1kerbs says:

    Forza replay!!! 0:43

  13. Casper Siewiorek says:

    He is crazy!

  14. Mark Nutt says:


  15. Andrew Fourthdimension says:

    what do you think he could have done with it? Rosberg outperformed him
    constantly – so he probably couldn’t have done more than Rosberg. In his
    prime, it may have been a different story. Maybe it would have been like

  16. Gean says:

    Formula 1 never will the same. For 2014: V6 Turbo Engines of 1.6l.

  17. Bringback Vten says:

    I know I don’t like the way F1 is headed due to dumb politics. We should be
    getting better and better, however we still can’t match the V10 lap times.
    They should have slapped a Turbo on the V8…. AT LEAST!

  18. computersnask says:

    Yea well. Just think about how much better the coverage is today, compared
    to back in the day when big parts of the tracks weren’t covered by cameras.
    Try and watch an old repeat of say a 1980’s Formula 1, and you’ll be
    surprised how dull it actually looks even though the tension in the cars
    were the same or greater.

  19. wyattdawg says:

    great to watch but was it really necessary to skip the tunnel?

  20. Dariush Gilani says:

    Ferrari F2004 was the fastest formula car to this date !

  21. Dariush Gilani says:

    Wish time could have stood still in this era, miss Schumi alot F1 is just
    not the same any more !!!

  22. papa giovanni says:

    Awesome V10 Ferrari engine.

  23. Bringback Vten says:

    This track is crazy and that is phenomenal driving!!! Respect for
    Schumacher !

  24. therealTOTOfan says:

    holy moly..

  25. Gean says:

    That’s true!

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