21 comments on “F1 Spa 1997 – FP3 – Michael Schumacher 4 Laps! (Track & Onboard)”

  1. TheFinlander11 says:

    Ahh this is the real Spa, not the modern Tilkerized Spa with huge ugly asphalt run off areas and the terrible last chicane

  2. Jejking says:

    7:47 Holy crap. That is how much your visuals are impaired when rain hits you in the face in a F1 car.

  3. Cenafu89 says:

    4:44 wow good reaction schumi xD

  4. race342 says:

    Hill is a asshole

  5. panchososa1 says:

    SCHUMI is always gonna be the best! i’ll tattoo his sign on mi back! 🙂

  6. dobakito says:

    anyone else notice how small the head bolsterings on the ferrari are compared to ’96? it seemed like they took driver safety seriously for 1 year then said screw it and made a car with less drag.

  7. Sortsylic says:

    Yeah he is french but I’m russian. Our commentator is quite good experienced (big F1 fan and commentator since 1992) and knows when to shut his mouth cause he is interested in race too not in “empty” blah blah

  8. bugsbugs42 says:

    Well the commentator in this video seems french (sorry if im wrong), im british and our comentators don’t usually shut up when its onboard but ocasionally they do 🙂

  9. Sortsylic says:

    Where you’re from? Out commentator stays silent when it’s onboard too

  10. theschuminator says:

    lol your a fucking idiot

  11. thylegion says:

    He is 😀

  12. AdrianHconnection says:

    I miss the old bus stop part of the track 🙁

  13. TwistedNurple says:

    4:07 Beast mode activated.

  14. kakha1974 says:

    Hill had a poor car (Arrows A18) in 97. He is great driver too.

  15. assmasterj says:

    hah..its almost like they just threw in that irvine shot to show him up against schumi

  16. F458Challenge says:

    Look up to Michels hands, the noise from the engine…. Michael is the Master!

  17. F458Challenge says:

    Look Tour Michaels hnd

  18. bugsbugs42 says:

    Kudos to the commentator who stayed silent for the onboard!

  19. TheMercedesgp says:

    MICHAEL killing it in the rain, in spa…his terf…like a fucking boss

  20. Gambit8319 says:

    amazing onboard footage …. just amazing.

  21. dazleeders says:

    wtf? hill in an arrows was fastest at one point, this is madness

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