25 comments on “Funny Mercedes AMG Nico Rosberg Michael Schumacher F1 Funny TV Commercial – 2013 Carjam TV Car Show”

  1. ocufyhado9ufhursd says:

    Lol. Like a woman could identify an F1 driver in public.

  2. Allen Jackson says:

    Love the” which one of you is fastest?, me!” Line

  3. Konkoly Adam says:

    Michael get well soon 

  4. GamerForce/NuketownLA says:

    #ForzaMichael #ForzaJules

  5. Sunny phalore says:


  6. freestanding1000 says:

    Best AD!

  7. Rheinmeister09 says:

    Always Michael….funny commercial!! Praying for you to pull through
    Schumi…doesn’t have to be next week or next month as long as you come
    through this.

  8. Attila Léránt says:
  9. Kind Racer says:

    Both are nice.

  10. Kazi Kader says:

    Dear Michael, please get well soon. You don’t have to race again; there’s
    nothing left to prove. But I have really hoped to meet you some day, and to
    tell my kids about how I met the greatest driver that ever lived.

  11. zak loxray says:


  12. Desmond Low says:

    Nico because Michael never win any race with Mercedes… 

  13. Diogo Paiva says:

    Michael the best 

  14. Wesley Branton says:

    It was definitely Schumacher!
    I never noticed how long his neck is.

  15. Brandon Leong says:
  16. Brock Hugegirth says:

    Hmm seven time world champ and parent over a zero world champ with no kids.

  17. QuantumS1ngularity says:

    15 mins str8 ROTFL-ing 😀 If only Mercedes could build as fun cars as
    adverts Anyway … Schumi is the living legend of F1 🙂

  18. FSXairpilot says:

    Ayrton Senna was the best

  19. ivan dragun says:

    Women is stupid

  20. ivan dragun says:

    Schumacher is best

  21. Casper Siewiorek says:

    Such a good commercial

  22. Simran Pachnanda says:

    ooh! come on! 7 time world champ!!!!! to a normal racer! come on!! plzz!

  23. Crystal Mover says:


  24. Russ Feratovic says:


  25. Aiman Rizal says:

    Nico !

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