Michael Schumacher On Recovery Mode

After there was news of fans being outraged when a tribute message to Michael was taken off from Ferrari models, there is news of hope coming in about Michael being able to walk and the possibility that he would soon be back to support his team.

Indeed, Ferrari has not had a driver like Michael when he drove for this Italian company in the fifties. He was able to win the title about seven times and that has made him a legend to all.

The company had supported Michael through his extensive and traumatic illness when he suffered a head injury from a ski accident that occurred in 2013. Since then he had undergone surgery and had been put in a drug induced coma. However, latest news is heartening of this F1 hero.

He has regained consciousness and presently struggles to get back his motor skills with the help of therapists. Fans have held onto the news that has been provided on his health condition from time to time from his family. He is under hospital like care and surrounded by health experts who tend to him at his home.

There had been a tribute message posted on all Ferrari vehicles to support him and to urge him to full recovery. Recently these messages were taken off, which even caused outrage among the fans. However, Luca DI Montezemolo, ex Ferrari chief has pacified the fans, by stating that the hero is gaining back his strength and he should recover fully from his tragic accident injury soon. It has been four years since he suffered the trauma and fans have waited to hear news of his recovery for a long time. When his coma continued for long there were news of how family members were losing hope and whether he would ever regain consciousness to come back to a normal state.