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Michael Schumacher On Recovery Mode

After there was news of fans being outraged when a tribute message to Michael was taken off from Ferrari models, there is news of hope coming in about Michael being able to walk and the possibility that he would soon be back to support his team.

Indeed, Ferrari has not had a driver like Michael when he drove for this Italian company in the fifties. He was able to win the title about seven times and that has made him a legend to all.

The company had supported Michael through his extensive and traumatic illness when he suffered a head injury from a ski accident that occurred in 2013. Since then he had undergone surgery and had been put in a drug induced coma. However, latest news is heartening of this F1 hero. (more…)

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Lewis Hamilton says that he is not depressed about the domination by Sebastian Vettel in F1 over the last few years. The German has managed to win the last three world championship titles on the trot, while he is also close to winning his fourth title. His compatriot Michael Schumacher holds the record for the most number of world championship titles won consecutively and it stands at five. Vettel recently won at the Italian Grand Prix in order to extend his lead in the world championship table even further.

He came in with a 46 point advantage over second placed Fernando Alonso, which has now been extended to 50 points. After the race, Alonso acknowledged that this will be very difficult to close from now till the end of the season without any DNFs from Vettel. It is also the opinion of Hamilton, who appeared to be in with a shout to win the title a few weeks ago. Before the summer break, Hamilton was in stunning form as he won the Hungarian Grand Prix. Since the season resumed, Vettel has once again regained the top form and is looking unbeatable. (more…)

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The 27-year-old Lewis Hamilton has said that he wants to emulate the achievements of Michael Schumacher at the Italian team Ferrari during the start of the 21st century. Back then, Ferrari were a struggling team due to several mechanical and reliability problems. Schumacher went to the Italian team as a champion, and managed to get them to 5 consecutive world championship titles. It is a record that also helped the German take his total tally to 7 world championship titles. Hamilton recently completed the move to Mercedes amongst a plethora of criticism due to the current form of the German team.

Since the return to the sport a few years ago, Mercedes have been unable to win races. Even with the former Ferrari driver Schumacher at the helm, they were consistently at the back of the grid. Hamilton has now gone to a team where he does not seem to have chances to win the title, but the Englishman is more concerned about creating a legacy. He has compared the way he has moved to McLaren to that of Schumacher’s move to Ferrari several years ago. Schumacher was able to guide the team to success along with a great group of people, and Hamilton has seen the similarities at Mercedes as well.

“I just want to try something different. I’m not scared to try new things. I really wanted a different experience. Michael went to Ferrari as champion, which was more positive. I like to think I could do something similar. He did it with a great group of people. I definitely feel I have joined a team with great people around me. Part of this move is about achieving that next step. I could be a good driver but I want to be great,” said Hamilton, who has one world championship title.

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