Michael Schumacher Recovers Painfully Slow

Legendary Formula One drive, Michael Schumacher is recovering slowly but painfully and the treatment has been expensive, which also increased the expenses of his family. For his medical care millions have been spent.

He is apparently treated at his mansion house itself which is located in Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva according to Allan Hall from the Daily Express. Thoug his family is not allowing any insider inside but information has been leaked from inside according to sources.

Miracle on the surface does not seem to appear any time soon and he has minimum awareness which is mute regarding the surrounding. Soaring 10 million euro has been spent on his recovery and it is Jean- Francois Payen, the Professor who had operated him in 2013 when he had a ski accident is caring for him round the clock with a 15 person team of medical. Improvements are lacking but the surgeon is trying his best. Payen has been able to maintain the situation and calm down his wife.

The surgeon states that his wife has tremendous willpower which is helping the family in the long and arduous battle ahead of the process of recovery. She makes every effort to improve the condition of Schumacher. Peter Hamlyn, the expert of head injuries stated that it might take years for Schumacher to recover as the initial months are for survival and then into the quality of it. It has been a rollercoaster ride for him as well his family and they have been pretty unhappy about the whole situation.

Fellow riders of F1 have also been supportive of his recovery process and each one remembers their time shared with Michael Schumacher. His condition is worse and media has been in the blackout as the family is trying to keep it under wraps as far as possible.