25 comments on “2011 Race of Champions Michael Schumacher vs Jenson Button”

  1. MrWerbungundTutorial says:

    Schumi ftw!!!!

  2. Radford401 says:

    yeah, a mickey mouse trophy, right? one that says race of champions on it! dont you mjust wish you could win it? id do anything to be in with a chance to win that!!

  3. Radford401 says:

    Lotus were uising cosworth engines i thought? anyway, loking back on it, it was a silly thing to say

  4. GangstaDogg21 says:

    Jenson to beat Schumacher? NEVER!
    Schumacher the best!

  5. KevNSuraj says:

    You fool they may have the same engine but they have different aero dynamics and different setups

  6. ShaunConk says:

    Well if your implying that theory, Team lotus (Now Caterham F1 team) use renault engines. Why are they at the back of the grid when red bull use renault engines and are podium every race?

    Take alook at Canada this year. Schumacher was brilliant on the wet, truely showing off he driving skill. Once the track dried the speed of the Red bulls and the Mclarens were just to quick for Michael to really do much about it.

  7. Radford401 says:

    Mclaren use Mercedes engines? wheres the power difference?

  8. xiAbN0rMAlTYix says:

    yer but put all drivers in the same car on the grid he will win hands dpwn because hes the best driver around

  9. liceface says:

    Yeah I totally agree! I dont know why Kz karting doesnt get more coverage.. its thrilling!

  10. RepsorpKirtap says:

    why do they drive these stupid cars…. why not stick all the drivers on track in KZ2 karts?

  11. ShaunConk says:

    Pretty hard to win a championship in a underperforming mercedes. I think if Michael was racing for a better team he would be a sure contender for the world title.

  12. MrSennagod says:

    this is all shitmacher can win now .. a mickey mouse trophy.. lmao

  13. qettyz says:

    They just really should compete with WRC cars on that track, nothing more to say….

  14. Jensonbuttonfan101 says:

    wow that was close c; i couldn’t watch this cause it didn’t play in AUS. I wish Jenson had won c:

  15. toleman80 says:

    the black one with the german flag on the roof

  16. thomasderkacker says:

    the black one

  17. DominikSt95 says:

    Schumacher won, because Germany won the Nation Cup 😉

  18. wilson3a10 says:

    which one’s schummy car

  19. Brickyard73 says:

    spoonface won

  20. T018 says:

    look more like winged COYs

  21. subeefan says:

    I think Jenson. Could be wrong.

  22. Mika88 says:

    who won

  23. mailmeonline says:

    there were wing COTs?

  24. mark4life92 says:

    wow, never thought id see some stock cars in roc, cool race

  25. kevinmosleyI says:

    Very close finish! Nice!!

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