11 comments on “BBC F1 2011 – 15 Japanese GP – Michael Schumacher questions Lewis Hamilton go-slow”

  1. AIfonzoPizzaBoy says:

    Smashelton? whats this a new geeky facebook name for Lewis Hamilton

  2. escortmk112 says:

    Lewis Smashelton was playing with his knobs going slow being the prick hes become this year,

  3. Niceguy10102010 says:

    hm always sux

  4. krazykukurov says:

    very schumacheresque move from the ham, although he should probably review the “DIY parking space @ la rascasse” move from 2006 monaco qualy – the trick is to come to a complete stop and get the session red flagged. that would have killed vettel’s lap also ^.^

  5. lionel44able says:

    @SixtyBuckss Can you upload Fernando Alonso’s And Felipe Massa’s post qualifying interview?

  6. SixtyBuckss says:

    @Watercolour95 They all get blocked eventually.

  7. Watercolour95 says:

    @SixtyBuckss Someone upload the official race edit and the Fom don’t block it…

  8. SixtyBuckss says:

    @Watercolour95 Yeah, man!

  9. Watercolour95 says:

    @SixtyBuckss The Fom block it?

  10. SixtyBuckss says:

    @Watercolour95 nope, sorry mate.

  11. Watercolour95 says:

    Can you upload the BBC’s short video highlights of the qualyfing?

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