12 comments on “F1 2011 The Game Codemasters Michael Schumacher T-Cam Wet Spa Gameplay”

  1. oOIIalexIIOo says:

    @Theandreh94 Ahhh, well spotted 🙂

  2. dragosh01x says:

    hweeell yheaaahh !

  3. Theandreh94 says:

    4:10 Anyone who saw the safetycar to the right???
    OMFG now i cant wait

  4. jimbo0jones says:

    Computer was on easy
    Racin line, traction control, abs.. Skid recovery etc on… N still lost.

  5. 413dt says:

    And who lifts the car up if theres no front jack man? Check it out

  6. 413dt says:

    Well they are some alonso fans!

  7. MrCameron131 says:

    i saw the safety car !!! :DDDD

  8. patafix33 says:

    @Xboxplayer356 ja wird es geben so wie auch rote flagen:):)

  9. tokke4 says:

    This pitstop looks better than THE sauber one. More fluid

  10. TBListener says:

    @Xboxplayer356 Ja 🙂

  11. Xboxplayer356 says:

    wird es das saftey car geben?

  12. MrFlapjack247 says:

    watch that you dont get caught out for copyright with the crapy music in the background just giving you a heads up and thangks for uploading your videos.

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