21 comments on “F1 2012 – R09 – Michael Schumacher onboard lap Silverstone”

  1. arsenal2022 says:

    Did he have DRS failure?

  2. Lu Cifer says:

    im real schimacher. schumi died 13 years ago!@@

  3. 15HSVDT says:

    Man so much understeer through Copse (0:52), felt for Schumi last year in that car. Would have been a race winner this year in their current car.

  4. 15HSVDT says:

    The KERS available

  5. dilwo says:

    What’s the gauge with the lightning bolt symbol?

  6. Salpeteroxid says:

    The v6 is not that impressive, but I think RB still have a contract to renault, and mercedes has their own, Mclaren will be usin honda 2015, other than that I think many others will go to either renault or mercedes. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  7. kwl189 says:

    Well even then its gonna be tough to see who is gonna be near the top of the grid. You know the usual suspect will be like Mclaren and Ferrari but how will a team like RB deal with it? Who know but I’m not totally impressed with the V6 considering the absolute monsters that the V10s/V12s were.

  8. Salpeteroxid says:

    Good news, engine devolopment is not banned, it will be a full war in 2014

  9. giorx5 says:

    And he adjusted the car this way to avoid excessive tire wear. His races were ruined before even the start in these 3 years. This car was terrible in tire management and balance. The designers were not even close to the solution.

  10. kwl189 says:

    Its not the worst case of understeer but you do see a fair bit of it with the “dirty” air of the car ahead of him taking effect. He has to delay throttle input which=time lost. Yeah I get what your saying, everyone had less grip then the RB though. Its a down force game now in F1. Kind of sad really…no chance to innovate other than on aero (I am assuming engine developing is banned) and KERS which is a stupid unreliable system forced on teams.

  11. kwl189 says:

    Hmm I do get what you are saying but its seems a little annoying to think that you could push harder and take more life out the tyre to keep your pace up. Here we have the merc which is naturally harder on its tyres then everyone else and before with the durable tyres era of F1 you could drive round the issue. Its not a case of over steer is better then understeer because its still going to be challenging. The car gives sharp oversteer which can catch you out if you try drive around undeersteer

  12. Grisu94x says:

    currently on turn 4 was a car ahead which really gives you understeer but it has nothing to do with his linie since i am a simracer everyone drives this linie because it is the fastest. If Msc would try to stay on inside he still has to take out speed and he can actually accelerate way later than with his linie to the outside which is way longer but (effectiver) than staying on the inside. And understeer is only a part of the setup. If they want they can easy get oversteer instead of understeer

  13. Grisu94x says:

    don’t always believe what other guys say only because legend says msc has so much understeer (which he obviously does not have) it has not to be right. First legendkiller1991 just wanted to say with understeer the speed is much slower in the corners than of the redbulls which he descripes as understeer, but it isn’t. It’s lower grip and than he says he has understeer but he means he has low grip against Red bulls, which has nothing to do with the balance of the car

  14. Jedontrack says:

    It would have been interesting to see what schumi could have done in nico’s car (i.e without all the mechanicle dnfs etc.)

  15. kwl189 says:

    No I’m not, look at turn 4 (the second slow corner leading on to the back straight) the nose is not turning in and Michael has to go all the way round on the steering and then delays the throttle input. He also had to go light to conserve the tyres. Another defect of F1 currently at this point of time.

  16. CleavingCleaver says:

    lol are you joking me?? the car looks extremely neutral.

  17. kwl189 says:

    Except that like Legendkiller1991 says, so much understeer. Its actually pathetic how bad that merc car was. Ridiculous understeer and then when you drive around the problem bad oversteer. No wonder Michael never had that much success this time round, bad reliability too. Feel for the guy, a man with his class and speed deserved better to achieve what many expected from him, unrealistically I might add.

  18. Faizan Ifitkhar says:

    Looks like a clean and quick lap to me .. Nothing could be done to make that car go faster

  19. Legendkiller1991 says:

    he has so much understeer…unbelievable

  20. TakumiFujiwara80 says:

    1:01 Cleary faster in a shitty car

  21. Christos Kinatidis says:

    Thanks for the video! Thank you Emperor of the sport…

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