24 comments on “Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg introduce the brand new SL63 AMG!”

  1. Terry Buffo says:

    Love my SLK55, but this new SL is really ugly.

  2. Zonked2 says:

    Senna beats them all, and he still lives!

  3. happyeaman says:

    “your always perfectly dressed”

  4. GangstaDogg21 says:

    I know.
    Respect for him.
    But if we’re talking about F1 drivers then Schumacher > Vettel.

  5. fikki99 says:

    but tom kristensen from denmark beat them both!

  6. spiritbuu says:

    Fugly front and rear end

  7. benzfen says:

    old SL is better looking car for me

  8. formulafour9971 says:

    Rosberg win the Shanghai GP today!!

  9. AlexiaAlexis89 says:

    “with the sl63 amg you’re always perfectly dressed” che tà.. se me la regalate voi si…

  10. sorion4071 says:

    Finnaly this year they have a good car…at least in qualifying…as for the race…

  11. Vahagn Barseghyan says:


  12. NottinghamForest22 says:

    I guarantee you that Rosberg outperforms Schumi again this season. This will be Schumi’s last season.

  13. fizzy2o11 says:

    If the reason he had many incidents this season was due to a decrease in driving ability then he would of crashed in the worst of conditions in montreal, Hamilton crashed all the time this season with massa..does that mean he has had his day as well at the age of 25? these things are natural to happen if your finding yourself in positions where you shouldn’t be..& a 7 times world champ would not like to find himself stuck in 6th-7th or hamo wouldn’t want to be off the podium

  14. NottinghamForest22 says:

    Previous model SL63 looks a million times better.

  15. GangstaDogg21 says:

    Schumacher beat Vettel at the ROC so he’s still the best 😀

  16. fizzy2o11 says:

    Rosberg has hands down beat Schumi in the qualifying But race wise if schumi did not have significantly more retirements as Rosberg last season .. Schumi’s 4th and 5th’s and 6th’s were greater in comparison to rosbergs 6th’s and 7th’s, Rosberg is an awesome qualifier .. Schumi’s race craft makes him the most exciting driver to watch in f1 right now hands down

  17. jfzclips says:

    except races like……….well lets say canada, that was a mans race, RAINMASTER 😀

  18. deadonarrival7777 says:

    rosberg beat schumi in almost every real race in the past two years 😀

  19. ttenho says:

    I’d love to see these two guys having and one-two finish in a race!

  20. fizzy2o11 says:

    schumi beat rosberg by half a tenth of a second at the end 😀

  21. thirdynash says:

    could be the next safety car?

  22. MrNarrative says:

    SL65 AMG black….surely better.

  23. jimmyfrostbite says:

    I love this new look… Its so soft, but still manages to punch you in the face…

  24. rvind92g says:

    I clicked on this video hoping to hear the bellowing of this monster but sigh.

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