24 comments on “Michael Schumacher Crash Belgian GP Qualifying 2011”

  1. matmethod says:

    Hamilton’s fault

  2. jraybay says:

    from a distance it looked like two Nico Rosbergs entered the race o_O

  3. Calum643 says:

    watch the front wing after it detaches @ 0:37 … you get my point…

  4. wgcpfc says:

    Yet again David Coulthard shoots to quickly to put down MSC. As a pundit and commentator you need to be unbiased DC. Brundle’s guilty of that too, probably due to the fact Schumacher managed to win in the very same Benetton that he managed f**k all with.

  5. neerajmjj says:

    2010 Vettel- Crash Kid
    2011 Schumi- Crash Dad

  6. husambusam says:

    “with hus new helmet on ” shut it bundle

  7. blendon8 says:

    after this he drived a spectaculer race from 24 to 4 was it?

  8. wilza52 says:

    @AlexFawcettFormula1 Very good answer John. THanks for replying to questions so quickly.

  9. AlexFawcettFormula1 says:

    @Super123456789Kuba It was a tribute to his 20th Aniversary of his first grand prix

  10. Super123456789Kuba says:

    gold Helmet???

  11. AnsgarWagner says:

    Hamilton’s fault !!

  12. dubbe186 says:

    0:36 – Look at the front wing go!

  13. gerry6420 says:

    coulthard tipically wanting it to be a schumi mistake rather then a car failure. thank god i wont have to listen to him on sky next year

  14. MegaNewyorkyankees says:

    wo w he loses a tire and spins out of control and then radios to his crew chief that he was out of the quailifiying run wow lol

  15. Xehanor says:

    After qualifying Schumacher apparently said “I’m used to driving around this circuit on 3 wheels anyway” referencing his crash with Coulthard in ’98 lol

  16. ferrarimaniac2011 says:

    @eduds6 yes its like he accomplished what he set out to do and now he wants to do this as long as possible

  17. NICOLAS14987 says:

    Lewis Hamilton faute

  18. eduds6 says:


    Michael has evolved when we talk about personality and maturity. He is not immature anymore.

  19. ferrarimaniac2011 says:

    If that was 10 years ago he would’ve been mad and giving out about everything but now hes much more calm and just happy to race which is what the sport should be about.

  20. IMS181 says:

    anybody could have guessed that the tire came off. there was no damage to where the tire was missing

  21. 63PianoMavo36 says:

    @Spriteanimator1 Weiß ich jetzt auch nicht mehr. xD

  22. Spriteanimator1 says:

    @63PianoMavo36 und was willst du jetzt damit sagen.

  23. BimBamBinoo says:

    That’s Michael! Is it Michael? Ye. It’s Michael! Michael. It’s eh Michael ..

  24. 63PianoMavo36 says:

    SO sieht’s aus. 😀

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