7 comments on “Michael Schumacher & Sebastian Vettel Pre-Race Parade Monaco”

  1. jakubkrcma says:

    The stupidest idea EVER – an interview during a parade when people have that ONE opportunity to relax for a second and just enjoy the atmosphere and PEACE… Still, both Michael and Sebastian are great guys. I wish Michael at least a bloody podium or even a win. And with HIS history and 14 races to go, you NEVER KNOW, where he can end the season! Don’t write him off, that’s my advice…

  2. oppen03 says:

    Sebastian is always trying too hard….

  3. mzml94 says:

    Surprised no1 shouted “Sexist”

  4. S3ANPukekoh3 says:

    ohhh cringe…. Bad call Sebastian

  5. fizzy2o11 says:

    1:10 LOL at sebs cheeky grin there

  6. videoofmike says:

    come on Natalie let michael enjoy….

  7. kuturgan says:


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