Michael Schumacher Shows Signs of Recovery

Michael Schumacher, who faced a massive head injury while skiing on December 2013, is showing signs of improvement as he can now respond to external stimuli nut is still unable to move or to speak. The International Business Times have reported the following updates about his health.

The seven times champion has now left the hospital and returned home in Switzerland after having nine months of intensive treatment. The editor of the Autosprint magazine that there are sometimes when they have seen tears roll down his face. Sabbatini has also stated that Schumacher cries every time he hears the voice of his wife or children.

He said that even though the racing champ is still not able to speak in meaningful words, he can feel all the emotions as his brain is functioning. That is the only way he is able to convey emotions externally. The editor has mentioned that the information has been collected a objectively as possible and that the information has been verified and thus is reliable. They have received this information from people who know Schumacher and have visited him recently. So, they are aware of his clinical conditions.

Schumacher is currently showing very slow but steady recovery and is not only syticking to his bed. When the treatment for muscle atrophy is off, he is able to sit in a chair in front of the windows that give him a direct view of the snowy peaks of the Alps and also the shores of Lake Geneva.

In December 2013, he hit his head on a rock while he was skiing in the French Resort of Meribel. The accident gave him a huge traumatic brain damage. His family and management have not given away ant news since then about his medical conditions.