17 comments on “Michael Schumacher Talks To David Coulthard: BBC F1 2011 – Round 14: Singapore GP”

  1. bobkumar says:

    i loved that race when DC slammed on the breaks in the rain and Schumi went into the back of him and then gave chase down the pit lane !! Legend

  2. disengagejam says:

    what an awkward interview … Schumi is probably thinking “what a knob” and The Chin is thinking “just retire already old man !!!!” LOL

  3. MrJoker129 says:

    Two Great Rivals,and now Two Great Friends.Respect between these two,i still remember Shumacher vs Coulthard Spa 1998

  4. ysgol3 says:

    It’ll be hilarious if Schumey gets killed trying to prove he’s not past it.

  5. autumntree2011 says:

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  6. sundeath23 says:

    they had butt secks after this

  7. azmanntoz says:

    I like Schumacher more when he isnt winning. At the beginning of his career and now. Couldnt stand him when he was raking in all the championships lol

  8. t1000eg says:

    coulthard looked a right a prick at the end wit those mic’s…..

  9. MagicAyrtonforever says:

    @coloriques haha, yeah.. almost Karma-esque for Hamilton Blocking in Monza.. what a TOOL! 0_0

  10. 29081977 says:

    @Hoshock Actually they got respect to each other but no friendships for sure!

  11. Hoshock says:

    seed the video
    “Schumacher & Coulthard joking around | Race buildup Canada GP F1 2011 “

  12. Hoshock says:

    Actually they are good friends now.

  13. coloriques says:

    what a sad thing that he crashed.

  14. elnathzeus says:

    They don’t even shake hands at then of the interview and MSC leaves quickly… they don’t like each other or what??

    awful crash today by the way

  15. Audi123000 says:

    Michael doesn’t look comfortable

  16. Invincible278 says:

    Haha you can sense the tension between these two, but lots of mutual respect. Good to see.

  17. Falangaz says:

    I agree, 7/8th would be a good achievement

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