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“Michael Schumacher’s recovery could take up to three years” says Doctor

Formula One legend Michael Schumacher could take anywhere between one and three years to fully recover from his injuries, according to one of the doctors who treated the former seven time Formula One Drivers’ World Champion in France.

Although the German racing legend has made considerable progress, he should be given enough time to fully recuperate from the injuries he sustained during the unfortunate fall in the Swiss mountains.

Jean Francois Payen was in the team of doctors that treated Schumacher when he was treated at the Grenoble Hospital and the Frenchman said that his recovery would not be as short as people expect it to be time and asked for fans and well wishers to afford him that time.

Payen stated that he has noticed some progress in the German but he also added that everyone should give him more time. Payen also talked about the possibility of the former Ferrari driver making a full recovery from the brain injury in terms of the timeline of recovery for people with similar brain injuries and he said that it is very much like other patients and that they are on a time scale which goes on between one and three years and they have to be patient.

He has been a regular visitor to the Geneva house of Michael Schumacher where the 45 year old was brought to continue his recovery after being released from hospital. And according to Payen, the mere fact that the German has been brought home plays a huge part in his recovery.

Payen regularly updates Corina, the German’s wife and his two sons Nick and Gina and admits that he has seen changes in the health of Michael Schumacher and is hopeful that the Formula One legend will indeed make a full recovery in time.

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Michael Schumacher looking to fight his way out of coma

One of the greatest sportsmen of all time Michael Schumacher is going through one of the toughest phases of his life. He is widely regarded as the greatest ever driver in the history of Formula One Racing. A legend in his fatherland, Germany, Schumacher has a worldwide fan following including some of the greats in other sports. However, the only things these fans can do now is pray and hope for his recovery. Michael Schumacher was severely injured while trying his hand at skiing. He received a fatal blow to his body and it affected his brain. He has been in coma for quite some time now. The champion has been putting up a tough fight against all odds. He has the members of his family by his side. His extended family in Formula One, especially his team Ferrari is constantly providing support to him. It is indeed an irony that a man who had the passion of flirting with risk on the race track has now hit the bed while he was trying to do the same in another sport.

Former Ferrari Boss Jean Trodt paid a recent visit to his friend and was satisfied with the recovery of the German. He said that Schumacher might be able to lead a relatively normal life in due course of time. However he will surely not be able to drive a Formula One car anymore. Michael Schumacher had dominated the race track for quite some time and has seven Formula One championship to his name. The skiing accident left him devastated and he often fought bouts of unconsciousness. He had been under intensive care and joined a rehabilitation program but the progress seemed slow. He has been moved to his home this September with the hope of some quick recovery.

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Sebastian Vettel trying to fight against all odds for better performances

The German veteran Sebastian Vettel is the reigning Formula One champion who is currently associated with the Austrian Racing team Red Bull Racing. He has previously associated with BMW Sauber and Toro Rosso. As a youngster he was widely compared with the legend Michael Schumacher and was known as ‘baby Schumi’. However the current season has not been a very successful for the German as he has suffered with the new built and design of the car.

He has admitted that his driving style is not very well suited to the new design of the car. Although he put up the best performance of the season by taking the second position in the Singapore Grand Prix, he did not seem very satisfied with the result. The chassis of his car has been changed quite a few times this year. He also seemed dissatisfied with the way the car rotates on corner entry. Moreover he has lost some advantage in exploiting the concept of the blown diffuser. Sebastian Vettel was quoted saying that although the problems have been temporarily solved he does not believe that it could bring out the best in him. Read more »