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Pole For Nico Rosberg At His Home

Mercedes was on position of the pole thanks to Nico Rosberg. Cracking a season’s fifth with total nine of his career and coming fourth out of the last five races it was dream come true for Rosberg at German Grand Prix. For him it was a fantastic home race.

He got married last week and by fortune also signed contract of a new multi year with the Mercedes. He is also flanked by the German’s win in the soccer World Cup. A victory would put him in a first position to win a home Grand Prix since 1993 win by Rudolf Caracciola and also the first driver to win in Germany for Mercedes team in 60 years. In the final practice he was the quickest. Although it was Hamilton who was at the top till Friday but the duel about to take place between the two did not happen as he crashed heavily at Sachs Kurve in a section of the complex of stadium. So the session was stopped in the first phase of the qualifying.

The brakes used by Hamilton are different from that of Rosberg. Rosberg however, had to suffer his first blank two weeks ago in Britain. Fortunes did turn in for Rosberg at his home prix. Rosberg is the sole rival of title to Hamilton. It was a perfect week for Rosberg as by 14 point lead against Hamilton was disappointing for Hamilton. Rosberg would like to continue with his performance in the upcoming events and trying of winning more than nine in this year. Hamilton clearly has an arch rival in the name of Rosberg. It is going to be a rat race this year between the two. Despite the poor performance of Hamilton by no fault of his, he is still considered to be the favorite.

Giedo Unscathed In Major Silverstone Crash

Much to the relief of his fans, Giedo der Garde has informed that he is unharmed and doing fine post the serious Silverstone crash- which he tagged as one among the biggest crashes ever.

The Dutchman was behind C33 wheel at the esteemed British racing track on Wednesday, when suddenly he met with a bad crash near Copse Corner. The Subaru F1 driver lost out on his car rear & broke heavily into guardrail. The accident occurred in the afternoon.

The crash at the guardrail led to red flagging of the session and Giedo was immediately rushed to Silverstone’s medical centre for the first-aid measures.

“This is one among the biggest of crashes I have faced ever”, stated the exhausted driver while approached to speak on the accident. “All the lights (G-Sensor) went on & hence I was taken to the track’s medical office. The doctors there checked everything & I am doing fine now.”

“It’s was pretty strange with crosswinds”, the driver continued. “The wind started picking up since the afternoon & as I got out of corner I experienced a slight snap & caught it, yet suddenly it took some other way. Unfortunately I lost complete control & was forced into the outside barrier. It was badly broken and that was why they were unable to resume the session.”

Giedo’s crash leading to the breakdown of the guardrail barrier ended the day on a disappointing note that had otherwise been really productive in the first half.  The Dutch F1 driver completed eighty-four laps, with a fastest span of 1:36.327, that placed him in the 4th place on timesheets. “

“It’s a pity since we were progressing really well”, Giedo added in. “The squad was pretty happy yet today wasn’t easy given the difficult wind.”

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High Ambitions Of Alonso

Two times champion Alonso spoke of German Vettel that he has not impressed the fans this year what he had done in the past years. Three times, Vettel has been out qualified by Ricardo.

During the four races in this years battle Ricardo was much faster and that was shocking for everyone and even for Alonso as he said. One of the main competitors of Vettel for the past four time of year has been Fernando Alonso, who came second for three times just behind him, although he was driving an low-grade car, he came close to the finishing point twice but failed to reach first.

Fernando Alonso uttered in an interview that one day when he will have a car like others and if he wins he will be become one of the great celebrities in the formula one race and will also have great respect. But with such car if he wins titles of lower position then it would be a awful rumor for him as public will take those titles even in a more dreadful way than what they are doing at the moment.

Alonso spoke to the BBC news sport when inquired about the comments at the beginning of the spell that Vettel can still be a big risk for them once the engine partner Renault and Red bull had dealt with a small number of problems. The Australian said that being a four time champion he is very special even if he has excellent car or not. Asked about his form this season, he told that he apparently had lot of self assurance and belief in himself and he is sure that he will bounce back quickly next season. Behind the wheel he is feeling nice and things are going very well and he is very blissful for that, he said.