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Michael Schumacher Recovers Painfully Slow

Legendary Formula One drive, Michael Schumacher is recovering slowly but painfully and the treatment has been expensive, which also increased the expenses of his family. For his medical care millions have been spent.

He is apparently treated at his mansion house itself which is located in Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva according to Allan Hall from the Daily Express. Thoug his family is not allowing any insider inside but information has been leaked from inside according to sources.

Miracle on the surface does not seem to appear any time soon and he has minimum awareness which is mute regarding the surrounding. Soaring 10 million euro has been spent on his recovery and it is Jean- Francois Payen, the Professor who had operated him in 2013 when he had a ski accident is caring for him round the clock with a 15 person team of medical. Improvements are lacking but the surgeon is trying his best. Payen has been able to maintain the situation and calm down his wife. Read more »

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Michael Schumacher Shows Signs of Recovery

Michael Schumacher, who faced a massive head injury while skiing on December 2013, is showing signs of improvement as he can now respond to external stimuli nut is still unable to move or to speak. The International Business Times have reported the following updates about his health.

The seven times champion has now left the hospital and returned home in Switzerland after having nine months of intensive treatment. The editor of the Autosprint magazine that there are sometimes when they have seen tears roll down his face. Sabbatini has also stated that Schumacher cries every time he hears the voice of his wife or children. Read more »

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Michael Schumacher Video Ranking: 4 / 5

2015 Not Likely To Be A Good Year For Team Ferrari

Sergio Marchionne, the chairman of the Ferrari formula one team has said that the upcoming season is not likely to be a good one for the team. He also made it clear that it would indeed be hard for them to match the level of the Mercedes team which is the top formula one team currently.

Marchionne used to be the chief executive of Fiat Chrysler and he recently became the chairman of Ferrari formula one team after the previous chairman of the team, Luca di Montezemolo was removed from the position.

He said that he neither wants to remember the 2014 season nor does he want to talk about it. The team was unable to win even a single race in this season. No other season was as bad as this one for the team since the year 1993. Maurizio Arrivabene is the third person to be appointed to the post of team principal this year. Major changes were made to the team so that it is able to improve its performance. Fernando Alonso, who used to drive for the team has left it and joined team McLaren for the upcoming season. Sebastian Vettel, who became winner of Formula one racing four times, will be joining team Ferrari.

Arrivabene has said that he isn’t capable of miraculously improving the team’s performance overnight and Sergio Marchionne is also of the opinion that the need will need some time in order to perform to the best of their ability. Marchionne said that some mistakes were made by the previous management and the team is paying the price for that. Apparently the engine of Mercedes performed better than Ferrari’s. Regarding how long it might take for Ferrari to perform as well as Mercedes or even better, Marchiionne said that it might require two years. Arrivabene said that if they are able to win even two races in the next year then he would be very satisfied.