Michael Schumacher looking to fight his way out of coma

One of the greatest sportsmen of all time Michael Schumacher is going through one of the toughest phases of his life. He is widely regarded as the greatest ever driver in the history of Formula One Racing. A legend in his fatherland, Germany, Schumacher has a worldwide fan following including some of the greats in other sports. However, the only things these fans can do now is pray and hope for his recovery. Michael Schumacher was severely injured while trying his hand at skiing. He received a fatal blow to his body and it affected his brain. He has been in coma for quite some time now. The champion has been putting up a tough fight against all odds. He has the members of his family by his side. His extended family in Formula One, especially his team Ferrari is constantly providing support to him. It is indeed an irony that a man who had the passion of flirting with risk on the race track has now hit the bed while he was trying to do the same in another sport.

Former Ferrari Boss Jean Trodt paid a recent visit to his friend and was satisfied with the recovery of the German. He said that Schumacher might be able to lead a relatively normal life in due course of time. However he will surely not be able to drive a Formula One car anymore. Michael Schumacher had dominated the race track for quite some time and has seven Formula One championship to his name. The skiing accident left him devastated and he often fought bouts of unconsciousness. He had been under intensive care and joined a rehabilitation program but the progress seemed slow. He has been moved to his home this September with the hope of some quick recovery.

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Sebastian Vettel trying to fight against all odds for better performances

The German veteran Sebastian Vettel is the reigning Formula One champion who is currently associated with the Austrian Racing team Red Bull Racing. He has previously associated with BMW Sauber and Toro Rosso. As a youngster he was widely compared with the legend Michael Schumacher and was known as ‘baby Schumi’. However the current season has not been a very successful for the German as he has suffered with the new built and design of the car.

He has admitted that his driving style is not very well suited to the new design of the car. Although he put up the best performance of the season by taking the second position in the Singapore Grand Prix, he did not seem very satisfied with the result. The chassis of his car has been changed quite a few times this year. He also seemed dissatisfied with the way the car rotates on corner entry. Moreover he has lost some advantage in exploiting the concept of the blown diffuser. Sebastian Vettel was quoted saying that although the problems have been temporarily solved he does not believe that it could bring out the best in him. Read more »

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Pole For Nico Rosberg At His Home

Mercedes was on position of the pole thanks to Nico Rosberg. Cracking a season’s fifth with total nine of his career and coming fourth out of the last five races it was dream come true for Rosberg at German Grand Prix. For him it was a fantastic home race.

He got married last week and by fortune also signed contract of a new multi year with the Mercedes. He is also flanked by the German’s win in the soccer World Cup. A victory would put him in a first position to win a home Grand Prix since 1993 win by Rudolf Caracciola and also the first driver to win in Germany for Mercedes team in 60 years. In the final practice he was the quickest. Although it was Hamilton who was at the top till Friday but the duel about to take place between the two did not happen as he crashed heavily at Sachs Kurve in a section of the complex of stadium. So the session was stopped in the first phase of the qualifying.

The brakes used by Hamilton are different from that of Rosberg. Rosberg however, had to suffer his first blank two weeks ago in Britain. Fortunes did turn in for Rosberg at his home prix. Rosberg is the sole rival of title to Hamilton. It was a perfect week for Rosberg as by 14 point lead against Hamilton was disappointing for Hamilton. Rosberg would like to continue with his performance in the upcoming events and trying of winning more than nine in this year. Hamilton clearly has an arch rival in the name of Rosberg. It is going to be a rat race this year between the two. Despite the poor performance of Hamilton by no fault of his, he is still considered to be the favorite.